Love your ears, let them flop and dangle along to the mighty Twenty Year Special from The Friday Rock Show. Adgeen and Tony have sparred over the micr...View Details

This is when me and dirty ol’ bastard Adgeen Byrne went to the seaside, set up the Rock Pool and did a live radio broadcast from the Silver Strand in ...View Details

Aul’ Skool is a retro lovin’, halcyon, gimlet-eye view of successful rock artists being nearly creatively healthy in 1987 (when our Friday Rock Show w...View Details

Live, on a Friday, the mighty meniscus rubbing Friday Rock Show is back! And back with Pat Shaughnessy! Pat is the one and only guitarist from Greenan...View Details

Come along, come along, join DJ Adgeen Byrne and me, Tony Wilson, as we pull on the wellies to slide down into Dangleberry Farm! A live radio broadcas...View Details

It's The Friday Rock Show again ladlogs and ladybirds, where we meet the Stargeezers. For those with one eye always on the sky, we go live to Jibbler’...View Details

Once there back a few years gone, we at The Friday Rock Show took to self-flagellating and honouring our magnificence and munificence by forcefully ce...View Details

Would you look at the size of the cocker on this! The Friday Rock Show, as voted #1 podcast in the world by the stiffs at the Groin-iad, unleashes "90...View Details

This is it, this is the BIG one! The Friday Rock Show loosens the ladies' lips!   On the FRS #41 we invited five of the biggest female front-women in ...View Details

The Friday Rock Show No. 42 has jumped into the shell suit, slapped on the goggles, hoiked up the neck gaiter mask and clicked into its K2 alpine ski...View Details

Battle Breasts! Yes! This is The Friday Rock Show! Episode No. 43...   Another two hours of MADNESS!! I created this show back probably before you wer...View Details

Tony Wilson here, producer extraordinaire, bringing you another great promotion clip of The Friday Rock Show from Amplevoicepod.   This is from episo...View Details

Rejoice! The weekend is here! It's The Friday Rock Show No. 45 from Amplevoicepod.   Two hours of rock, listener stories, explicit musings and nonsens...View Details

Welcome to The Friday Rock Show No-47 - Moshtalgia 1986. It's the Friday Rock Show! It's 1986!   It's a 'Moshtalgia' special. Annamoe man Pat Shaughn...View Details

It's the Friday Rock Show live in Russia during the World Cup 2018, from the Fisht stadium in Sochi. Presented by Adgeen Byrne and producer Tony Wilso...View Details

(Frumpy Dumpster (Part 4 of 4) 'The Reunion') – I hurt now when I think of what I did. Not out of guilt or fear of discovery. But for not doing it soo...View Details

(Frumpy Dumpster (Part 3 of 4) 'A Woman Again') – But how? “Follow me” she said smiling, and led me out past the back of Ratchly Chemical Factory, whi...View Details

(Frumpy Dumpster (Part 2 of 4) 'Love Lift Us Up') – After I came back from hospital the kids were little angels and Michael was feeling sorry for the ...View Details

(Frumpy Dumpster (Part 1 of 4) 'Old Bruiser') – (Daytime TV channel hopping) “Before she’d get depressed…” “…exciting episode of…” “Leo! Leo the Lion,...View Details

(Panspermia III - (Part 4 of 4) 'Hear My Chains') – (Forest atmosphere) (Jagger masturbating)   Desecration: Jagger?   Jagger: Yeah?   Desecration: I ...View Details

(Panspermia III - (Part 3 of 4) 'Desecration') – Mox: This is a Relivenator, it’ll bring these ‘stolen ones’ back to sentience. One blast, wake ‘em up...View Details

(Panspermia III - (Part 2 of 4) 'The Moxypod') – Narrator: Soupalon is not what the human resistance had expected. Welcomed by the holograph Orbit, in...View Details

(Panspermia III - (Part 1 of 4) 'Are We Sweets') – Narrator: It came to pass. The Son of Baldy was crucified by metal-hybrid Foghornious, usurping  th...View Details

(Panspermia II - (Part 4 of 4) 'The Vat of Mutagen') – Arlee: (Muffled) uh, uh, is he alive?   Imogen: I hit him too hard! I’m so sorry Ned!   Tucker:...View Details

(Panspermia II - (Part 3 of 4) 'The Meemong') – Dickus: What are yis doin’? What the fuck are yis doin’?!   Foghornious: Aroooo!   Dickus: Betrayer. B...View Details

(Panspermia II - (Part 2 of 4) 'Seed The World') – Narrator: In Dessie Morgan’s pub, (Clone) Baldus infiltrates the humans by washing their feet. In t...View Details

(Panspermia II - (Part 1 of 4) 'The Passion of Baldy') – Clone Baldus: We have arrived. This is the Ratchly chemical factory. I will leave you now bro...View Details

(Panspermia I - (Part 4 of 4) 'Countdown Underway') – Narrator: Jagger, bound and gagged, is signed over by his father to Whitehaven Psychiatric. Out ...View Details

(Panspermia I - (Part 3 of 4) 'Turn on the Radio') – Narrator: The Radio is on but no-one is home in the 'Coffin Shed' as Dickus leads Foghornious and...View Details

(Panspermia I - (Part 2 of 4) 'The Freakshow') – Narrator: Humans born of Soupalons in the great Panspermia. Son of Baldy needs a home and the incredu...View Details

(Panspermia I - (Part 1 of 4) 'The Coffin Shed') – Narrator: Ratchly... Daytime at Whitehaven Psychiatric Hospital… Jennifer is on washing duty.   (Di...View Details

(United Mutations III – (Part 4 of 4) ‘The Second Egg’ – Ginger: Meeeewww!   Dickus Soupus: What are you lookin’ at?   Ginger: REORR!   Dickus: Gaaah!...View Details

(United Mutations III – (Part 3 of 4) ‘Calving Time’ – Gabbler (head stretches in the Wishfield): It’s not working! It’s not, I can’t… it’s-   Pedup: ...View Details

(United Mutations III – (Part 2 of 4) ‘The Wishfield’ – Busher: Peah…   Pedup Bauer: Akskskskhhhsh!!!   Arlee: AAAAH!   Pedup: That’s far enough with ...View Details

(United Mutations III – (Part 1 of 4) ‘Fastest Finger First’ – The story so far... (a gentle recap); Baldy Kendall has been snatched by the Soupalon r...View Details

(United Mutations II – (Part 4 of 4) ‘Garden of Futchafutcha’ – Narrator: From the Garden of Aiden to Dickus and Baldy at the Garden of Rememberin’s… ...View Details

(United Mutations II – (Part 3 of 4) ‘Garden of Scorgie’ – Narrator: The game is afoot, Dickus and Spikus escape the clutch of Maltus Brindle as our h...View Details

(United Mutations II – (Part 2 of 4) ‘Garden of Shlylerbol’ – Narrator: Baldy and Ginger flee into the Savage Garden. Meanwhile, aboard the incoming S...View Details

(United Mutations II – (Part 1 of 4) ‘Map of Moles’ – (Opening credits sequence) Gabbler: This is like being in a holograph.   Busher: Phwizzz!   Tuck...View Details

(United Mutations I – (Part 4 of 4) ‘To The Savage Garden!’ – Baldy: Urghgh. Get off me yis bastards!   Ginger: Meeowwww...   Brindle: Ah, the pregnan...View Details

(United Mutations I – (Part 3 of 4) ‘Pregnant’ – Narrator: As Baldy and Ginger look trapped upon the Savage Garden, we return to Earth and to Tucker a...View Details

(United Mutations I – (Part 2 of 4) ‘For The Love of United’ – Brindle: There… is your answer, a brief stop off on our way back to your impending sacr...View Details

(United Mutations I – (Part 1 of 4) ‘Kidnapped’) - You beautiful mutants. This is for you. Cave bestiam! A sci-fi wretch. The first 20 minutes of the ...View Details

(Mental Holmes III – (Part 5 of 5) ‘Means Nothing To Me’) - Freud: Nein Nein Nein!   Holmes: No, no! You got to believe me Doc! It’s all true. Tomathy...View Details

(Mental Holmes III – (Part 4 of 5) ‘Holmes Alone’) - Holmes: That’s it… Fuck all squared… Lost on the streets…. Walking… Hours… All night… Because Hol...View Details

(Mental Holmes III – (Part 3 of 5) ‘Murphyarty’) - Tomathy: Four? Inside me? Four balls? When I was- Doctor Voronoff? Urgh! Why didn’t you tell me Hol...View Details

(Mental Holmes III – (Part 2 of 5) ‘Konzerthaus’) – Tomathy Wilson: Ah, fresh in a friendly old pair of trousers. With an unusually grumpy Aubrey Holm...View Details

(Mental Holmes III – (Part 1 of 5) ‘Oh Vienna!’) - Gerbil: I am Gerbil. My master is Murphyarty. I was born 1922, in Cork Mental Reservation and plant...View Details

(Mental Holmes II – (Part 3 of 3) ‘Doctor Voronoff’) – Dr. Voronoff: Ah Stefan, Stefan, these are the gentlemen you spoke about? Super. Please, come i...View Details

(Mental Holmes II – (Part 2 of 3) ‘The Panopticon’) – Tomathy Wilson: And I thought we’d just have a quiet beer together. Only then to be apprehended ...View Details

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